More than a traditional ESCO

Complex ESCO Services from ELDS and EnergyLink

Complex ESCO services

Achieve net zero

Through EPC partnerships, Archetype is a vertically integrated, holistic, technical execution partner in the middle market behind the meter energy project development space. Archetype offers a suite of services vertically integrated from engineering design to project finance, and retains extensive in-house technical capabilities. We have unparalleled technical expertise with complex and at times, first of their kind projects.

Net zero

Design capabilities

As a holistic technical and execution partner, Archetype curates and coordinates the installation of tailored assets to help organizations achieve their net zero or carbon neutrality goals.


Archetype at a glance

Middle market energy solutions

Archetype is setting a new standard for renewable energy infrastructure companies with a model and operations vertically integrated from engineering design to capital formation.

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Extensive C&I Portfolio

Managing the development of renewable commercial and industrial projects across multiple verticals

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Energy management and RE experience

Archetype management possesses a wealth of experience in both energy management and real estate, with deep understanding of both.

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Multiple project ownership structures

Through past EPC experience, EPC leaders have funded renewable ventures with PPAs, SSAs, ESAs, and more.

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Frontline experience

Archetype has inherited extensive construction management experience from EnergyLink, providing unmatched industry insights.

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